Thanks again for a great experience storm chasing this month.  I had a great time, and I have images that I like.  I really have to admit that the trip went way beyond my expectations.  Surprisingly, some of my favorite shots were made at the stops away from the storms.

Thanks again for all your help.  Like anything else, you get better at photography through practice, and your trips definitely “concentrate” the practice.  This trip gave me the opportunity to practice some techniques that I hadn’t before, and I learned a lot.  As usual, your instruction was low key, well timed, and on target.

Take care,

Thank you for now what I consider the most productive and well orchestrated wild life trip that I have ever attended..


I really have some great pictures thanks to YOU.    I have so many people who wanted to see them, they are stunned at the pictures.

I have to thank you again.  

It really was an unbelievable week.


I enjoyed the “Southern Texas Safari” I learned something every day regarding the broader use or exposure and technique from the experience of intense bird photography and more importantly learning from you and
putting your suggestions to the test on a real time basis. The ranchers were great! Thanks for a great trip! 


South Texas was wonderful. The birds are incredible, but beyond that, the entire experience was one that I will never forget.  The accommodations were outstanding and our hosts extended such hospitality to us that we all felt as though we had known them for years.  Laurie is a wonderful instructor and gives everyone such personalized attention – I learned more than I ever possibly imagined during the week I spend with her.   Laurie goes out of her way to make sure that everyone “gets the shot” and learns during the process.  I also want to mention that while Laurie uses Nikon equipment, she is extremely knowledgeable about Canon, too, and she helped me out on a number of occasions with questions I had about my Canon gear and the use of my Canon cameras.  If you like birds, you simply cannot beat South Texas and Laurie’s workshop.  I can’t wait to go next year!

Betty Wiley

“I have worked with many of the best-known nature and wildlife photographers in the world including Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, John Shaw, Rob Sheppard, and Moose Peterson, but my time with Laurie Excell was by far the most instructive and productive. She is an exceptional photographer, able to extract maximum beauty and drama from any subject, and her equipment knowledge is comprehensive. Even more impressive is her ability to share her photographic vision with clients, from beginners to old hands, in a way that inspires them to become better photographers, better artists, and better stewards of our natural world. Her enthusiasm for the photographic process is infectious and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be in the field with than Laurie.”

Bruce Jodar

“If I had the money I would take every single one of Laurie’s workshops – she rocks!!! The groups are small and filled with good folks. Laurie works non-stop to make sure you have just the right adventure by monitoring and adjusting the tempo and locations. It goes without saying that you will learn great photographic techniques as well as necessary Photoshop techniques. I have already signed up for two more of Laurie’s workshops because I had that good of time with her on the last one. I can’t recommend Laurie highly enough.”

Sallie Jo Perraglia

“The most valuable money I’ve spent on making my photography better has been spent on time with Laurie Excell. She is has a great talent and is a wonderful teacher. Her Safaris offer you a chance to hone your skills in a blind with her. If you’ve ever wondered what a pro could do in the circumstances you find yourself, here’s your chance to find out.”

Steve Schaefer

“Surviving my first Laurie Excell WildTour, I can honestly say that besides making some great photography come to life, she never let’s there be one dull moment! Thanks Laurie!”

Moose Peterson