Oregon Winter Waves Details

Feb 12-18, 2012 – Limit 4, 1 spot open $2450.00 (arrive in Portland)

I love the Southern Oregon Coast for big wave potential. With off shore sea stacks and sandstone cliffs for the waves to crash against, there is no better place to experience the fury of mother nature as she hurls wave after wave into the shore with such force that they crash tens to hundreds of feet into the air with a resounding thunder! With amazing photo opportunities from stop action to blur motion wave action, to tide pools; from peaceful scenic coastal scenes to moody B&W visions we will work it all!

Our Excellent Photo Adventure is based in Bandon, Oregon where we “live” in a beach house (each person has their own bedroom and bathroom) with plenty of room to spread out and relax in the evenings or midday as we go over our images and finishing techniques. With an ocean view and the beach a short walk away the call of the sea is constant. Weather permitting; we will work with light painting and star trails.

Our week begins in Portland where adventurers fly in by mid-morning. I will pick you up in our 12 passenger adventure mobile and off we go to the Oregon Coast. With a short stop for lunch and to stretch our legs, I plan on arriving on the coast in time to photograph the sunset before making our way to the beach house. For the next five days we will explore the coast within a 150-mile stretch following the tides, the surf and the light. Our adventure ends on Saturday where we make our way back to Portland to catch flights home.

Group sizes are kept small to give each adventurer individualized attention and for optimum wildlife experiences.

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