Florida’s Fabulous Birds

2013 – TBA – $2450.00 (arrive in Tampa)

When you visit Fort DeSoto you will understand why it is voted one of the “best beaches” in Florida. It’s no wonder that it draws birds (and people) from all over. But, even on the busiest beach days, the photography is outstanding! And what better time to visit than spring where shorebirds, wading birds, migrants, raptors and many more flock to Fort DeSoto and we will be there to photograph them as they go about their daily business of eating, bathing, preening, flying and displaying.

In addition to photographing the colorful birds of Fort DeSoto, we will visit additional locations known for their plentiful variety of birds.

What a great place to hone your photographic skills from birds in flight to belly on the ground, eye level portraits and everything in between.

Some likely subjects include…Great Egret, Reddish Egret, Snowy Egret, Tri-colored Heron, Osprey, Great Blue Heron, Brown Pelican, Royal Terns, Sandwich Terns, American Oystercatchers, Black Skimmers and too many shorebirds to name.

The $2450.00 price includes three days* of photography, my expert instruction and guidance in the field, transportation to shooting locations each morning and afternoon, midday critique/workflow/Photoshop sessions geared towards the group’s interests.

* Two events back to back – $500.00 discount for signup of both adventures.

Group sizes are kept small to give each adventurer individualized attention and for optimum wildlife experiences!

To sign up, call Laurie: 503-703-3872 or fill out form below.


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