Bosque del Apache

Nov 25-Dec 1, 2012 – Limit 5, 1 spot open – $2950.00 (arrive in Albuquerque, NM)

No descriptions, no photographs, not even a Discovery Channel special can prepare you for your first visit to Bosque del Apache. Oh, you’ll hear all about it from enthusiastic friends who have either been there or are recounting the stories of others who have. You will hear the stories, do your research and you will think you know what to expect, that you are prepared. Well, brace yourself, because you will never really experience the soul grabbing, heart swelling feeling of thousands of snow geese lifting off en masse, a cacophony of sound as loud as a low flying jet… right above your head… until you visit the Bosque and experience it for yourself, in person! I warn you now, because you may very well forget to lift your camera to your eye and fire when the ritual begins. I know, I still have to remind myself to photograph and not become mesmerized by the sensory explosion.

Included in the fee is: transportation to and from Albuquerque to Socorro (our base location), transportation to and from the refuge, entrance to the refuge, orientation of the refuge by refuge personnel and my expert instruction in the field as well as image critique and processing tips.

Group sizes are kept small to give each adventurer individualized attention and for optimum experiences!

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