Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari…Samburu 2

Before departing Samburu, I did a final edit and have found additional images to share beginnig with more of my favorites, the Ellies

_1XL7121 copy



who, no matter which angle you view them from…

_1XL7045 copy



_1XL7199 copy



they are wonderful subjects!

_2XL8124 copy



Pale Chanting Goshawk with lunch

_2XL9294 copy


Agama Lizard (female)

_2XL7730 copy



Grey Heron

_2XL7998 copy



We visited a Samburu Village to learn more about their culture and photograph the wonderful people…

_1XL6194_tonemapped copy



the school aged children gathered with their teacher to recite the ABC’s and numbers for us…

_1XL5701_tonemapped copy



and “Mama” (the matriarch of the village who we were told was in her nineties) graciously posed for a few photos in front of her home…

_1XL6034_tonemapped copy



And then there was David, at camp; he was in charge of keeping the monkeys out of the dining area with his trusty slingshot and, he played the flute for us guests when not busy chasing monkeys…

_1XL4396 copy



After a short morning game drive we departed Samburu…

_1XL7288 copy



Next destination, Lake Nakuru.  Stay tuned.




Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari…Samburu

With two full days for game drives in Samburu National Reserve we had plenty of opportunities to aim our lenses at some wonderful subjects.  Enjoy an assortment I selected from the thousands of images…


_1XL2996 copy



_2XL6728 copy



_1XL2780 copy


Pale Chanting Goshawk

_2XL9779 copy



Rufous-crowned Roller

_2XL8647 copy




_2XL9694- copy



Vervet Monkeys

_1XL4589 copy



_1XL4891 copy



_1XL4663 copy



Yellow-billed Hornbill

_2XL7004 copy



Bateleur Eagle

_1XL3360 copy



And, last but certainly not least… African Elephants who stole my heart

_1XL2411 copy



_1XL5200 copy



_1XL2484 copy



_2XL8247 copy



_1XL7030 copy



Across the Ewaso Ng’iro River at Buffalo Springs National Reserve we found Lions.  *Due to the hot, dry climate and all the sticker bushes, the male lions of the area do not have thick manes like their counterparts in other parts of Kenya

_2XL9814 copy



_2XL9836 copy


After a productive two days in Samburu we were off to our next stop at Lake Nakuru.  Stay tuned.

Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari

My Kenyan Safari is over and all that remains are wonderful memories stoked by tens upon tens of thousands of images.  I look forward to sorting through them all to find the little gems that trigger memories to last a lifetime.  There is no place on earth like Kenya, especially when the millions of wildebeast have gathered for the Great Migration back to the Serengetti.  Our timing was perfect, the weather outstanding and the subjects even more than I could have hoped for.  So, stay tuned for several posts from my latest Kenyan Safari…

With just weeks to go before we headed to Africa, the news reported a huge fire at the Nairobi-jomo-kenyatta-intl-airport thad destroyed the international terminal.  After discovering that it was not a terrorist attack, we breathed a little better and as we observed flights going in and out we found that they had got a good handle on things quickly and that we would still be able to fly directly into Nairobi and begin our safari as planned.  Upon arrival in Nairobi, we collected our luggage, passed through customs and were met by Patrick and Andrew from TopCats Safaris.  Andrew walked us through the process of getting SIM cards for our phones so that we would be able to connect with loved ones back home from our remote safari camps and then we were off to Giraffe Manor for the night.

I awoke early the next morning, excited to meet the local Rothschild Giraffes that live here.  As dawn approached so did the giraffes, first Helen (the Matriarch) approached followed by others as they came to greet the guests.  (It might look like she is happy to see me but, in reality I have a little pellet in my mouth that she gently removes with her lips, giving me a wet sloppy kiss in the process)…

_1XL1350 copy


and share an early morning breakfast with us…

_1XL1506 copy

We all had a wonderful time interacting with the giraffes and it was a great introduction to our upcoming adventure.  Soon we were on the road, heading to Samburu where we would spend the first three nights of our safari.  Some folks fly from camp to camp bu, I prefer the drive as it shows us more of the country than just the game parks.  The roads are the lifeblood of Kenya with villages and people going about their daily lives along the way.  We didn’t have time to stop and explore but, I managed to capture quite a few “drive by” shots that I feel provide a glimpse of everyday village life in Kenya…

_1XL0743 copy


_1XL0776 copy


In order to capture sharp images while on the go, I set my camera to Auto ISO with a minimum shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second.  I then selected a wide aperture to and let the camera do the heavy work of setting the shutter speed and ISO while I concentrated on clicking the camera at just the right moment from my window…

_1XL2146_tonemapped copy


I spotted the local FujiFilm store just in time to grab a quick shot…

_1XL2089 copy


It amazed me the loads some of the women were carrying.  I tried to focus on such images when the opportunity arose.  I also took the liberty of processing the images to reflect my take on the scens before me…

_1XL2116 copy


The countryside was lush and green with fields of coffee, tea, fruit and vegetables…

_1XL2127 copy


that we would see for sale along the roadside…

_1XL1853 copy


and in the markets of each town…

_1XL1869 copy


It was a fascinating glimpse into the everyday life of rural Kenya…

_1XL2151 copy


_1XL2179 copy


We arrived in Samburu by early evening where we were greeted at our first camp with smiles, fresh juice and warm, wet towels to refresh ourselves, before being shown to our tents…

_1XL3893_4_5_6_7_tonemapped copy


A delicious dinner surrounded by the sounds of Africa topped off our day and we all retired early to prepare for our Excellent Photo Adventure.  Stay tuned.

Destination Cuba…People To People Cultural Adventure

Back by popular demand is one of my newest adventures: “Destination Cuba…People To People Cultural Adventure”.  Join me for a week enjoying both the hubub of city life in Havana…

Havana Panorama copy



as well as the quietude of the tobacco region of Vinales…

Vinales Pano copy


On our Cultural tour we will interact one on one with the wonderful people of Cuba…

_8XL8195 copy



_8XL2294_tonemapped copy



_8XL3979_tonemapped copy


We’ll visit churches, theaters and explore restored and the crumbling architechture of this grand city…

_8XL4183_4_5_6_7_tonemapped copy



Havana copy


And we’ll have plenty of opportunities to photograph old cars…

Edsel copy



_8XL4774_tonemapped copy


We spend our first few nights in a historic hotel right in the heart of Havana with photo opportunities beginning right out our front steps followed by a couple of nights in the tobacco region of Vinales visiting tabacco farms, and photographing the lush landscape and then finish up with a couple more nights in Havana in a hotel overlooking the Malecon…

_8XL1480_tonemapped copy



_7XL9237-Edit copy


Cost of Adventure:  $5450.00

Number of Adventurers:  5  (2 spots open)

What’s included:  Arifare from Tampa, FL to Havana Cuba, All lodging in Cuba, Permits and entry VISA, Expert guide with an intimate knowledge of Cuba, My expert photographic guidance, Entry to museums, parks, etc

What’s not included:  Airfare/travel expenses to Tampa, 1 night lodging in Tampa, Meals, drinks, tips, incidentals

For more information see: http://laurieexcell.com/photo-adventures/details-registration/destination-cuba/

To sign up contact Laurie at laurie.excell@gmail.com