You Can’t Take The Adventure Out Of The Girl!

As you all know to one degree or another, I have been a bit silent on the workshop circuit over the last couple of years.  After enjoying a different path for a few years I find myself yearning to take people to the places I love to photograph and to share my passion and knowledge.  The world does need more beautiful images!  And so, I am thrilled to announce the first of many Photo Adventures with Sharon & Laurie…

Harvesting the Palouse

A Photo Adventure with Sharon & Laurie

Aug 12-17, 2016


For More Information Contact:

Photo Adventures with Sharon & Laurie

PO Box 6628

Portland, OR  97228


Harvesting the Palouse Flyer 6-8-16


Deadline Extended…Enter Now

Chasig the Light


The deadline for entering the Chasing the Light Photo Competition has been extended until July 31st!  Don’t miss out on the chance to win some Great prizes!!!


Chasing the Light Photo Competition

Chasig the Light


I am pleased to be the judge for the next Chasing the Light Juried Photo Competition. It is now open for submissions and you can enter for a chance to win some cash. CTL is an opportunity for photographers to have their photos seen by the photo community and photo buyers. The top 5 outstanding images will be promoted to over 1000 photo buyers.

Partnered with Pro Nature Photographer, Chasing the Light is open to all photographers and our next theme is OUR FOUR LEGGED FRIENDS which is of course wildlife. This includes any four legged wildlife captured in the wild. So upload your best images today for a chance to win. The deadline is July 15th, 2014.

I look forward to the exciting challenge of choosing a few images to represent the best of the best from what I’m sure will be an outstanding selection of images.


Storm Chaser: Adventures In Extreme Weather


iPhone 5s, in-camera panorama finished in Photoshop using NIK/Google Filters
Fellow storm chaser, Nathan Chester


Storm Chaser (Wikipedia) : A person in the pursuit of any severe weather condition, regardless of motive, which can be curiosity, adventure, scientific investigation, or for news or media coverage.  A person who chases storms is known as a storm chaser, or simply a chaser. While witnessing a tornado is the single biggest objective for most chasers…


Nikon D4 with AF-S 24-120mm (cropped), finished in Photoshop using NIK/Google filters
First of three tornados near Akron, CO May 7, 2014




iphone 5s, processed in-camera using Snapseed
One of three tornados we photographed within minutes of each other near Akron, CO


many chase thunderstorms and delight in viewing cumulonimbus and related cloud structure, watching a barrage of hail and lightning


iphone 5s, finished in Photoshop using NIK/Google filters
Lightning storm preceding tornados near Akron, CO




Nikon D4 with AF-S 24-120mm Bulb setting at 5 seconds


and seeing what skyscapes unfold…


iphone 5s processed in-camera using Snapseed
Our first storm of the week did not produce a supercell or tornados but, it was beautiful with colorful rainbows and brilliant hail shafts




Nikon D4 with AF-S 16-35mm finished in Photoshop using NIK/Google filters
A beautiful ending to our first weather day in the Nebraska panhandle




Nikon D4 with AF-S 16-35mm finished in Photoshop using NIK/Google filters
Dramatic skies, yellow fields and gorgeous light combine to make a beautiful color contrast



iphone 5s, in-camera panorama finished using Snapseed
A supercell with rotation passed nearby and produced a tornado a few miles past our location


Storm chasing looks like and exciting life, and there are definitely moments of intense excitement when all the elements come together to make a perfect storm in which to aim our cameras skyward and begin clicking but, there is so much more to Storm chasing than the few intense moments of adrenaline rushes.  Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at a week in the life of a storm chase addict.