Yellowstone Safari Day 4

We exited Old Faithful and turned left towards West Thumb, one of my favorite thermal areas in the park. And while the weather was spitting at us with gray skies and snow flurries, there was still some great photography to be had. The colors deep down in the water really pop with a little caressing in Photoshop. In order to get the whole pool in I had to use my trusty 16mm fisheye lens.


We wandered through Hayden Valley and the only Bison to be seen were off in the distance. Crossing the bridge heading towards Artist Paint Pots we stopped to see if there were any otters. There were tracks but none of the little guys showed themselves. However, there was a spot where the ice had all melted and the water was flowing over the rocks making a nice set of rapids. Those of you who know me, also know that i have a hard time passing up a good water shot.


Moving on to Artist Point we stopped to photograph Lower Yellowstone Falls with the giant ice cone at it’s base. While it was overcast, I knew I could put my new technique (to learn more come to my class at Photoshop World) to bring the flat light to life.


The weather turned dark and gloomy and it was getting late so we began to make our way towards Old Faithful. Just as the last bit of light was fading, something crossed the road in front of use and headed up the hill. Darned if it wasn’t a Bobcat. It climbed up on a log and began to clean itself…not the least bothered by our presence. While it was very dark, I knew it was still possible to capture some excellent images with the low noise of the D3 and some finishing touches in Photoshop.


It turned it’s back, gave us one last look over it’s shoulder and moved on up the hill as the light faded to night. What a great ending to another amazing day in Yellowstone’s winter wonderland.


Images Captured With Nikon D3X, AF 16mm Fisheye (Thermal Pool), AF-S 70-300mm VR (Rapids and Yellowstone Falls), D3, AF-S 600mm VR (Bobcat) on Lexar Digital Media