Winding Down

This is the latest I have been to the lodge in Alaska for bears and it’s been an amazing week. The salmon have run and there are very few fish left for the bears. The heavy traffic of the last week has really died down the last few days with the bears seeming to meander up and down the river finding carcasses as much as live fish and not behaving in the fishing frenzy we witnessed last week. Fall is drawing near and the bears are all fat and healthy looking. I think this picture of one of the regular visitors to the river pretty much sums it all up…

Image created with Nikon D3S, AF-S 600mm, TC-14E II on Lexar Digital Media

I will be leaving the lodge soon myself with my hard drives full of great images and my heart full of the wonder of this special place. While I feel a certain nostalgia at leaving, I have next year to look forward to. I have booked the lodge for four weeks in 2011. If you would like to join me for an adventure of a lifetime drop me a line.
May 29-June 4 babies, nesting birds and more…6 spots 3 open
June 5-June 12 babies, nesting birds and more…6 spots 3 open
Aug 7-14 prime fishing…6 spots 2 open
Sept 11-18 fall bears…6 spots 4 open