Today, I Celebrate…

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In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.


Story behind the image…

Deep in the bowels of the earth…OK, seriously… hiking through the twisting turning sandstone marvels of nature that is Lower Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ we came across a cooperative lizard (sorry, I’m not sure what kind it is) sunning itself on the rock.  It tilted it’s head one way and another as I photographed it froma  couple of angles and was still there when I moved on down the canyon.  I had the AF-S 24-120mm f4 VR lens on my D4 when we encountered the lizard but, since the lizard was so “friendly” and my lens focuses down to 1.5′ I simply moved in until I was “close enough”.  My exposure of ISO 400 f6.7 @ 1/20 sec was decided based on the fact that I needed to close down a bit to keep the whole lizard in focus and to get to an aperture of f6.7, I had to raise my ISO to 400 and use my best handholding skills to get a sharp image at 1/20 sec (Joe McNally I am not!  He can hold a 600mm from a moving helicopter!!!)  Luckily my cooperative subject who could be gone in a second was also an expert at holding very still for long periods of time.

“What no HDR?” you ask.  The exposure range in the shadows of the canyon was very compact and even making a single frame all that was needed to capture the entire range of tonal values in the scene.