Today, I Celebrate…

River Otters copy


Work together for the benefit of all mankind.

-Native American Commandment #4-


Story behind the image…

A key element in wildlife photography is keeping your eyes open at all times!  I know of no better spotter than my guide, Arden, in Yellowstone.  He can be deep into a great story and suddenly break it off, pull over and have us out the door in moments.  And many times that’s all you have is moments to get the shot.  This was the case one winter morning in Yellowstone, we were heading south along the Yellowstone River when Arden spotted a family of river otters.  We were all out the door and photographing them with our big lenses handheld within seconds.  While we were getting our shots, Arden turned the snow coach around and was ready to head back up river to follow the otters.  We jumped in and caught up with them at the bridge where they romped and played for several minutes before heading farther upstream and out of sight.

I mentioned that we handheld our big lenses…there was no way we would have had time to set up tripods before the otters were gone so, using proper handholding techniques and boosting my ISO to 400 allowed us to to capture sharp images.  Nikon D3s, AF-S 500mm f4 VR with TC-20E III  ISO 400 f8 @ 1/750 sec