Today, I Celebrate…

God Beam copy

 Remain close to the Great Spirit.

-Native American Commandment #2-


Story behind the image…

Knowing when and where to be for seasonal highlights is a key to successful photography.  Even more so when the weather conditions must be just right.  One such phenomena occurs mid-mornings on cold winter days in Yellowstone along the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Drive.  The sun must be shining, the temperatures must be hovering around minus ten (or so), the humidity must be just right for ice crystals to form in the air and when it all comes together you get…magic!

Nikon D4, AF-S 24-120mm f4 VR ISO 100 f11 @ 1/250 sec.  I dialed in minus one (-1) exposure compensation to darken the background making the God beam more dramatic and yet still maintain enough detail in the background to reveal the rugged cliffs across the canyon.