Today, I Celebrate…

D-WA54601-01325-ND grad foreground copy


Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect.

-Native American Commandment #1-


Story behind the image…

The Palouse Region in southeastern Washington is known for it’s ideal conditions to grow wheat and in the early spring the rolling hills are a patchwork of  verdant green colors as far as the ey can see.  The view from Steptoe Butte offers a 360 degree panorama with photo opportunities in all directions.  One evening in late June found me atop Steptoe Butte in hopes of photographing the sunset.  As we enjoyed the vista, photographing one direction then another; zooming in for a tight pattern shot or going wide to include a farmhouse or barn within the landscape.  I began to notice a strange yellow glow off in the distance and remember thinking to myself that we were in for a pretty sunset before continuing on with my image making.  When I looked again the yellow glow was bigger and closer than before.  Suddenly taking notice of the wind, I realied that a dust storm was making it’s way towards us and it was coming fast.  We had enough time to grab our cameras and dive into the car before it hit.  As we sat there being tossed this way and that I wondered whether we would still be on top of Steptoe Butte or at the bottom when the storm had passed.  All we could do was hang on while the blinding dust battered us.

When it finally passed and we stepped out of the car, the scene before us was otherworldly with a weird, yellow cast and a freshly dust bathed landscape followed by blue skies and fluffy clouds.  Nikon D2X, AF-S 17-55mm 2.8 DX ISO 200 f8 @ 1/100 sec