Today, I Celebrate…

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I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.

-Claude Monet-


Story behind the image…

A flower bed of blooming Calla Lillies captured my attention on a visit to Fort Point, CA (it stands just under the Golden Gate Bridge).  After selecting a beautiful lily as my subject I used my AF-S 70-200mm 2.8 VR at 105mm on my D700 to isolate a single bloom.  With very limited depth of field at such close proximity I needed a very small aperture to render the depth of field I desired and luckily there wasn’t any wind so, I mounted my camera on my tripod set the ISO to 200 dialed the aperture as small as it would go at f38 for maximum depth of field and let the shutter speed fall where it may which ended up at 1/2 sec.  I finished the image in Photoshop using NIK Color Efex Pro B&W Infrared (at the #2 setting to achieve the glowy look), tweaked the black and white sliders, and finally brightened the whole image a bit to get the final result above.  I love the soft, dreamy effect.


  1. Linda Green says:

    Calla Lillies are my fav…AND I find they are difficult to get a good photo; but I LOVE this and B/W too! Going to No. Cali in Aug and plan on stopping at Fort Point!!! I believe you and Moose etc., took some fantastic photos there and I didn’t even know about the Point til then; so see you inspire us all the time!!!