Today, I Celebrate…

Winter Wonderland copy


What if today, we were just grateful for everything?

-Charlie Brown/Charles Shulz-


Story behind the image…

On one of my earlier visits to Yellowstone in Winter we came across this gorgeous scene at West Thumb early one morning.  I attached my 14-24mm lens and got down really low to compose this image.  ISO 100 f22 (for maximum depth of field) @ 1/125 sec.  with the slight breeze and drifting steam, I fired off several dozen images to get this one that I love that faitly shows the trees in the background with the one in center highlighted by a clearing steam and the sunlight sidelighting it.  Just the opposite of yesterday’s post where re-visiting a location finally provides that special moment; this was my first visit to Yellowstone in winter in years and I’ve visited this location every year since and it has never been so lovely!

*Lesson to be learned…There is never another “right now”!  If you see something that makes you want to photograph it, do it…now!  It will never be exactly the same and in some cases it may be gone entirely when you go back.  Hmm…a good life lesson as well.  :)



  1. Rudolf F. Koch says:

    somewhat strange and fascinating.

  2. This is a spectacular shot. You are so right about seizing the moment. Life is short and each moment is special and precious. Enjoy them all.

  3. I love the simplicity and peacefulness of this shot. And it is equally interesting to me that this capture of a moment never repeated is the result of 24 or so similar captures of similar moments seconds apart. Similar, but not quite the same and not quite so precious. Thanks for sharing and encouraging the rest of us to celebrate our own moments.

    • Thanks Chuck, I feel the same way about it. I love your descriptive explanation of exactly the situation both in capturing the moment and then pouring over the images to find just the right image when everything comes together. I’m glad you are enjoying my blog.