Today, I Celebrate…

Tangle Creek Forest copy


I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.

-Elsie De Wolfe-


Story behind the image…

Early one morning as we departed Old Faithful and headed towards Midway Geyser Basis the sun was just cresting the hills and burning through the fog as we arrived at Tangle Creek.  With fresh snow, backlit, burnt trees trees and long shadows, it was a perfect photo opportunity.  I jumped out of the snow coach and headed back down the road looking for that just right spot where the trees were composed just right and a trunk was in the right spot to block most of the brightness of the sun.  Using my D3X and AF-S 23-70mm 2.8 I zoomed to 32mm, dialed in a half stop of minus exposure compensation to emphasize the dark tree trunks and the shadows and clicked away.  ISO 100 f22 ( for maximum depth of field) @ 1/125.  I tried several different compositions before then the sun rose higher and the effect was gone.  Talk about being in the right palce at the right time with all the right elements coming together…pure luck?, or…several years of being in virtually the same spot with either too little snow, too foggy, too bright, too early, too late in the morning and on and on until that magic day when it all came together and I was there to witness the wonder of the moment and make some amazing images from that cold morning in Yellowstone.

*Cold weather tip: taking your camera and lense from the warm car/hotel into the cold and back into the heat can cause equipment to fog up rendering it useless until it dries.  I keep a towel handy in the car to wrap my camera in after being in the cold and I either wrap my camera in a towel or put it in my camera bag with the zippers closed and leave it covered for a couple of hours until it has time to warm to room temperature.  (First remove your battery and cards so they can be charging and downloading while your equipment is warming up.)

Yellowstone Below Zero Jan 12-19, 2014

Final details in the works.  Contact for more information.