Today, I Celebrate…

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Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

-Anthony J. D’Angelo

Story behind the image…

After checking in to our hotel in Moab and dropping off our suitcases, we headed off to Arches to explore.  The Windows area is always a great start to the park with the beautiful drive  along the way and the treat of several windows within view from one location and all easily accessible for a closer look.  A short walk to the base of North Window provided a view and a great frame through which to photograph Turret Arch along with the sun.  A few people in the lower left add some scale to the image.  Once again bracketing was necessary to capture the tonal range from the bright sun to the shadows.  I usually choose five frames with my base expsure of ISO 200 f22 @ 1/180.  f22 to create the starburst effect and in all honesty, ISO 200 because I forgot to change it from the previous shoot when I needed the higher ISO to keep my shutter speed up.  Nikon D4, AF 16mm 2.8D Fisheye.

I may go to 3, 7 or even 9 frame brackets (on rare occaisions) as I feel the scene and my finished image will need to convey the look I am after in my final image.  *Note: you can always delete an extra frame or two if you find you don’t need as many exposures but, once that camera has been moved I find that you can’t easily regain the additional exposure information that may later have come in handy when processing the images.

I was doing a lot of HDR this trip for many reasons.  Number one was because this was NOT a photo trip.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone had seemingly unending patience with me and my stops to make images but, we also wanted to see as much as we could and so sometimes we were in wonderful places at a time when the light wasn’t within the range of exposure the camera could capture in one click.  Rather than pass by some excellent opportunities, I turned to the tools that I have at hand (bracketing and HDR processing software) to extend the hours of the day that I can make beautiful images.

Yes, they do have a different look but, it’s a look that I, for one, like and will continue to explore along with many other ways of pushing myself to expand my vision and my ways of sharing that vision with you…visually!  Stay tuned.