Tech Tuesday…Refresh, Recharge, Replace Your Batteries

With many adventures in the new year, it’s a good time to refresh, replace and/or recharge your batteries. Take a few minutes and go through your camera bag and make sure that all your batteries are fully charged and ready to go to work for you…

Here’s what I did…
– Checked my camera’s menu to see if any batteries needed refreshing, what their useful lives are and charged or refreshed them all.
– Charged all my Power EX AA rechargeable batteries
– Tested and replaced batteries as needed…flashlight, headlamp, Lightning Trigger, MC-36 remote release, Visible Dust Loupe, Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly and whatever else requires batteries to operate.
– Spent a wonderful holiday season with friends and family, recharging my own batteries!
My gear and I are now fully charged and ready to “come out shooting”!