Storm Chase Safari Day 2

With very little likelihood of any severe weather in the forecast we decided to follow what might turn into some interesting weather later in the day. Our adventure took us through three states…Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado covering 550 miles. We did find some great subjects to aim our cameras at.

By late afternoon clouds began to form against the darker blue sky as they floated past a Colorado farm.


As the clouds continued to build we found a picturesque old building to place in the foreground.


There’s nothing quite so beautiful as a dramatic sky. This one screamed B&W when I reviewed it in the digital darkroom


Still in a B&W mood we moved on to find a wind farm that went for miles. What a great subject for a stormy day…the windmills powered by the winds of the approaching storm.


There were scattered thunder showers throughout the afternoon and evening followed by a downpour as we made our way to our hotel for the night. While we did not get our tube, we had a great day with some outstanding skies.

Images captured with Nikon D700, AF-S 24-70mm on Lexar digital media