Storm Chase Safari Day 1…Positioning Day

Today began our great adventure in Tornado Alley chasing storms. We began in Oklahoma City with an orientation. There was not much in the way of storm activity today so we looked ahead at the two and three day forecasts to determine where we should position ourselves for weather for the next few days. Once we had our plan we were off with our very knowledgeable and capable guides Brian & Chris.

When we arrived in Hays, KS; our stop for the night the sun was getting low in the horizon so we headed out to find something interesting to photograph. We came across an old homestead, one of the hundreds (maybe thousands) that dot the Kansas landscape. I had black & white in mind when I photographed this old outbuilding with the windmill.


Looking through the window of the homestead, the range of light was too great to capture in one click so, I braced myself against the window and did a 5 stop bracket with HDR in mind.


As the sun dropped below the horizon we headed to dinner.


Today was a pretty light positioning day with only 360 miles of travel.


Images captures with Nikon D700, AF-S 24-70mm on Lexar digital media.