Storm Chase Adventure Day 6

I think one of the storm chase guides said it best when he mentioned being caught up in a storm when he was a child. The storm chased him and he had to run for cover and hide to survive but, as a storm chaser, we are the ones pursuing the super cells. Something about being the one pursuing seems to give us the upper hand. We are mobile, we can escape. The folks in Joplin, Missouri were not so fortunate. With only twenty minutes warning those that could were only able to run for cover, hoping to survive the onslaught. Their homes, businesses and many loved ones were not spared. My thoughts and prayers go out to them as their lives have been turned completely upside down by yesterday’s devastating tornado. We were on that storm but, when it headed towards hilly, treed terrain we had the option of dropping back to work another storm capturing a similar wedge tornado to the one that hit Joplin. We were three miles away from the tornado and could still hear the freight train sound of it’s approach, the tearing of metal as it ripped everything in it’s path to shreds and the sounds of debris colliding in mid-air. It is a sound I will never forget. It soon became rain wrapped and while we could still hear it, we couldn’t see it. I can’t begin imagine the terror they must have felt.