Storm Chase 2010…It’s A Wrap!

Wow, I can hardly believe a week has gone by. It was a week filled with all kinds of excitement (tornadoes, smashed windows, the thrill of the chase), many, many miles (4000 total) six states (Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota & Minnesota). We chased storms, photographed old barns, houses and other wonderful old buildings that screamed Americana along the way. I saw Devils Tower for the first time (in bad light so, no photos), ate at fast food restaurants and handy marts and had a great time!

Our final day we had to get in range of Denver for our departures so, that dictated where we could chase but, we got on a cell that looked promising with clouds showing strong updrafts, a good shear to help stir them up and favorable conditions (lot’s of moisture in the air) to make a good storm. While we didn’t get tornadoes (or even a severe storm) we did get some dramatic skies (and one funnel cloud) to finish up our week…

I want to thank the adventurous souls (Don, Fran, John & Paul) who joined me on this crazy, hair raising adventure and I especially want to thank Brian and Keith for their heroic efforts to get us in the best possible spots to capture severe weather and making lemonade by finding us some other great subjects to point our lenses at when there was no severe weather to chase. I am already looking forward to next year’s Excellent Adventure Storm Chasing in Tornado Alley (May 15-22, 2011).

Images captured with Nikon D3S, AF-S 14-24mm, D300S, AF-S 18-200mm on Lexar Digital Media