So Texas Safari Wrap Up 5/14/2007


Well, I am back in Portland, another excellent adventure past. It took me a couple of days to reflect over the five days of shooting in So Texas and to come up with a count of all the birds we saw. There were still some migrant species hanging around and we were fortunate to have several pose for our cameras like this little Magnolia Warbler who stopped by to take a quick bath. We had fifty species of birds in front of our lenses at one point or another thoroughout the week. There were also the resident birds exhibiting breeding and nesting behavior. What a concentration of amazing birds to photograph deep in So Texas…and you will never meet a nicer bunch of people than the ranchers who so graciously welcomed us to their properties and made us feel right at home. It’s an adventure that I highly recommend. I know I’ll be back in So Texas again soon.

Photograph captured with D2Xs, AF-S 600mm, TC-17E, HSC, Lexar 8GB CF Card