Snug As A Bug…

Ok, I have a confession to make…those closest to me know of my addiction.  I tried to keep it a secret but, every time they saw me I had another…fleece that is.  I love fleece.  Some have comfort foods, I have comfort fleece.  I have fleece for every occassion.  It’s so soft and cozy; I feel so comfortable all wrapped up in my fleece.  I look forward to the cooler mornings of fall so I can once again bring my fleece out of the closet and wear it.  Winter, well, I’m totally layered in…you got it, fleece.

So, now, my friends over at LensCoat have once again fueled my desire for being wrapped in soft, cosy, comfort…only this time, it’s for my camera equipment, that.  Yeap, I’ve got my camera bodies all cozy in their camera wraps, my big lenses are all covered with protective neoprene, I’ve got wraps for my Wimberley Head and the legs, my SB-800 even has it’s own LensCoat pouch along with one for the Better Beamer.  If LensCoat makes it for my camera, lens, tripod, flash, etc…I’ve got it.

Hey, it’s expensive gear.  It deserves to be coddled.