Singing The Upgrade Blues… 08/30/2007


 “Nikon unveils full-frame D3 digital SLR” “Canon announces 21MP EOS-1Ds Mark III” “Nikon adds VR to three supertelephotos, announces two new zooms” “Canon to ship EOS 40D in early September” The internet was all abuzz this last week as Canon and Nikon each introduced two new cameras and several new lenses. I’m sure the backorder lists are huge and growing.  And that’s great.  New toys, I mean tools, are always fun. But at what cost? Do you really need to race out and plunk your hard earned money down for the latest and greatest? Do you need a full frame sensor?  How about 20+ megapixels?  Do the improved noise levels entice you?  Or, is it the faster frames per second that catches your attention?  How about those new lenses?  Does one fill a void in your camera bag?  Will a Super telephoto with VR help you to improve your image quality?  Am I going to upgrade?  Professionally speaking, I feel that it is important to stay on the leading edge of technology so I will like own a D3 sooner rather than later…besides, I’m such a gearhead.  You have to make up your own mind decision based on your needs wants and budget.  And if you do decide to upgrade and need help selling your old equipment remember EQuipmentLady can help.

Meanwhile, my trusty D2Xs did not self-destruct with the announcement of the D3 so I went to the Dahlia fields this morning and got lost for the moment amongst the beautiful flowers.

Image captured with D2Xs, AF-S 105mm 2.8 VR Micro on a Lexar 8gb 300X CF Card.