Scott Kelby’s Worldwide PhotoWalk-Portland


We kicked off the Portland PhotoWalk with a bright, sunny day, no rain in the forecast…not so unusual for most of you but for us here in the Pacific NW with outdoor plans, that’s a good thing. I wanted to arrive early to be there and greet old and new friends alike but, there were a few enthusiastic walkers already there, eager for our upcoming adventure.

Our route took us through Chinatown…I liked the juxtaposition of the Chinese influence tucked in with Old Town and the red lamp posts made great, colorful additions to several photos.


Next stop along the way was Portland Union Station. Now here’s the kicker…my husband works at Union Station and we’ve been married 15 years…I have always wanted to photograph the inside of the station and it took organizing the Portland PhotoWalk to finally make the opportunity. Now I’m glad I did.


It was fun to see where everyone had their cameras pointed and to what great lengths they would go to get the shot…I can hardly wait to see their images!
With a camera in hand I began to see something interesting in the normal, everyday rubble that we pass on a daily basis and never look at twice…like the light playing across the pattern of a garbage can…


We encountered some friendly folks along the way who willingly stopped for a photo or two…Christoph (sorry for the misspelling) was waiting for the train to Vancouver, BC where his dad was getting married. Then he was off to San Diego to meet up with his buddies before heading to the tip of Mexico…what an adventure!


Our route wound us through the Pearl District filled with old warehouses intermixed with trendy boutiques and ended at OnDeck Sports Bar & Grill where we viewed each others images on the back of our cameras…yes, there was some serious chimping going on in between tipping back a pint and a great lunch. I want to thank everyone who came out and participated in the PhotoWalk. Shoot, Ken (wheelchair front & center in the group shot) even came along in his wheelchair he was so excited to be at the Walk…all 1.5 miles! It was an excellent day with lot’s of photo opportunities and a chance to see old friends and make some new. Thanks also to OnDeck for the great service, friendly atmosphere and killer Quesadillas. And a special thanks to Scott Kelby for coming up with this brainchild, putting it in motion and the huge success is has turned out to be. It’s like a snowball rolling downhill out of control growing and growing until…I can hardly wait to see how big the Worldwide PhotoWalk it is next year. 🙂 I’m looking forward to see everyone’s images. I know it’s going to be tough selecting the best of Portland. I don’t envy Scott having to pick the best of show for some lucky winner who will win a grand prize of amazing products.