Refresh, Recharge, Replace Your Batteries

Batteries are the lifeblood that run our electronics and yet we pay so little attention to them. Take time this new year to refresh, recharge or replace your batteries so that you have the power you need…when you need it…in the field.

Here’s what I do…
-Install each battery into my cameras (the Nikon D3 series has a gauge in the menu that shows the life of the battery and when it needs refreshed) and check to see if they need refreshed (deep discharge and recharge), recharged or even replaced.
-Test and recharge or refresh AA batteries for flash, flashlight and portable electronics. I have switched to the Sanyo Enloop batteries as they hold a charge for months.
-Replace or recharge batteries as needed in Visible Dust Loupe (2-CR2025 batteries), Arctic Butterfly (2-AA batteries), MC-36 Remote Release (2-AA batteries), Lightning Trigger (9 volt battery), Headlamp (2-AA Batteries), Streamlight flashlight (2-CR123 batteries) and so on
-Replace spare/backup batteries with new stock.
-Recycle used batteries

*Note: this is a good time to check your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide sensors, flashlights and other household electronics while you are at it. I make the first of every year my time to refresh, recharge or replace all my batteries.