Red River Paper’s Polar Pearl Metallic

My friend, Drew, over at Red River Paper sent me a care package last week filled with samples of their new Polar Pearl Metallic paper. I had a couple of images in mind that I thought would look good with the metallic finish. I began with a shot from inside Portland’s Union Station that I did last week and as the image was coming out of the printer I could hardly wait for it to finish…it rocked!!! I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, the metallic sheen to the paper made the ceiling in the station look like it was spun gold, there was a depth that pulled me right into the scene and the color reproduction was right on. I printed a couple of other images that I thought would be good candidates for metallic, a wrecked ship, a graphic shot of a Portland building and so on with great results. Then I put the paper to the test with a B&W image and was equally pleased. OK, I figured, I don’t think this is the right paper for landscapes and to prove myself right I pulled up a shot from the Palouse and was blown away. I haven’t had a chance to test it on people, birds or mammals yet but, I suspect it will do an excellent job there as well.

Now, unfortunately, I can’t begin show you the results here on my blog. It just doesn’t do the paper justice so, you’re simply going to have to try it for yourself!