Photoshop World Pre-Con Day

Well, Photoshop World is about to begin but, as if the three fun filled, education packed, creative juice energizer is not enough, there are pre-cons the day before. I had the day free so I attended Matt Kloskowski’s class on HDR imaging. I have played with HDR a bit and like both the real and the surreal effects that are possible to achieve using Photomatix Pro 3.0. We began with an intro into HDR (high dynamic range) photography and how to capture the images needed to extend the tonal range of a scene beyond what our cameras can do then off we went on a photowalk to capture some images that we could finish back in class. I am always drawn to the interior of churches with their wonderful architechture and stained glass windows and we had two churches within a block of each other.

The Trinity Church

First Church of Boston

Back in the classroom I put some of the techniques that Matt was teaching to work and the above images are the results of today’s shoot. Matt did his usual great job of teaching HDR, explaining and showing how to create both styles of HDR. Already the creative juices are flowing and kick off doesn’t officially start until tomorrow morning. Let the Game begin!!! If you are attending Photoshop World be sure to say hi! It already feels like old home week seeing my NAPP friends and family again.

Images captured with Nikon D700, AF 16mm fisheye on Lexar Digital Media