Letting The Creative Juices Flow

I feel at my most creative when I am photographing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wildlife, landscapes, macro, abstatcts, etc. I am simply in my element when I have a camera in my hands. From the moment we left the dock, I was on the lookout for interesting subjects to photograph and we hadn’t even left the dock area before I had my lens trained on my first image of the day. Using my infrared camera, I photographed these shacks nestled in the moss draped Cypress.


Leaving the shacks behind and heading onto the lake, I kept photographing the Cypress. I liked this image with the lone Cypress on the left leading to the other Cypress along the shore. I photographed this scene in both infrared and color. I prefer the infrared version.


In both of the above images, I knew what to expect from my camera and had an inkling of how I was going to finish them but, I allowed myself the freedom to take creative license once in the digital darkroom and feel that I improved on what I had in mind when clicking the shutter.

We found a nest that we wanted to work, threw out the anchor and settled in. After photographing the female in her nest, we sat back and enjoyed the peace and quiet, only broken by the call of Osprey to their mates. Keeping one eye on the nest and the other eye on the sky for incoming birds, I also found myself enjoying the scenery. I was drawn to this Cypress tree trunk, strong and solid that was surrounded framed by a lovely green of leaves above and their reflection in the water below. I used my 600mm with a teleconverter to isolate the tree removing any unwanted elements from the frame.


I find myself mesmerized by reflections. I especially love the abstract nature of reflections in water…the way a ripple creates an artists palette of colored patterns, no two ever the same. The early morning sun cast a warm glow across the water. Once again I used a telephoto lens to isolate and focus on patterns.


Later that day, we were at the wetlands photographing when a storm began brewing in the distance. I felt a quiver of anticipation at my upcoming storm chase safari next month as I put my eye to my camera. The dark sky seemed to suck up every bit of color from the landscape before me. No worries, I knew exactly how I was going to finish this one….B&W would bring out the drama of the approaching storm, the blowing trees, the rain in the distance, the foreboding sky.


Even when I am photographing wildlife, I have my eyes open for other photo opportunities. Having an open mind and accepting whatever the photo gods put before my camera has rewarded me with many an amazing experience.

Images captured with Nikon D200 infrared converted & AF-S 18-200mm (first two), D3, AF-S 600mm VR, TC-17E (Cypress Trunk and Leaves), D3X, AF-S 200-400mm, TC-14E (reflection), D3, AF-S 14-24mm (storm)