Homeward Bound from Texas 3/31/2007


After a great week in Texas photographing birds and wildlife, Moose and I headed for the San Antonio airport at o’dark thirty this morning only to be told that our flights had been cancelled due to weather. By the time we reached the ticket counter, there were no flights left today. I was told that the soonest I could fly back to Portland was Tuesday and Moose was tomorrow, Sunday. Well, needless to say, that was totally unacceptable as we both needed to be in Boston for Photoshop World on Monday. Heck, I could drive home in less time. I quickly got on the phone and called Southwest Airlines and found flights for both of us out of Austin so we rented a car and boggied the 70 miles to Austin in style in our PT Cruiser. Moose is on his way home and I will, hopefully, arrive home late this evening. Just before departing for his gate, Moose captured this image of me settled in for a VERY LONG wait. I found a nice little corner with a table, power and am busily catching up on work.

Photo captured with D2Xs, 17-55, SB-800 on Lexar digital film.