Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Today as I reflect on how grateful to have such a wonderful mother, I felt that simply telling her was not enough. You see my mom is the best mom in the world. No matter the situation, she was (and is) always right there by my side telling me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She believes unfailingly in me and my abilities. She is there to share in the good times and she steps up to comfort me in the bad. My mother unselfishly does for others…she may bake all day long to send a care package of goodies for no reason than to let you know that she is thinking of you. She listens when I have something to talk out and offers sound advice with no hint of judgement. My mom is generous, kind, selfless, caring, the most beautiful mom in the world.
I can only hope to posses a fraction of your qualities, mom. I love you!