DLWS Moab kicked off a great week of shooting at North window. Joe was so overcome by the moment that he raised his arms to the photo gods in thanks for the sheer joy of being a photographer. I set the aperture to F22 to create the star burst effect.


The sun lit the under side of North Window. I underexposed the image to increase the shadows and add drama. The lone photographer is side lit against the shadows.


We headed back to Cisco for our evening shoot. We were so excited to share this weathered little treasure of a ghost town with the group. One of the participants, found this great oil can with a drop of oil about to drip off the end of the can and we worked it for awhile using the weathered tin garage wall for our backdrop.


The last rays of sun lit the window of this old building. I knew that I wanted to contrast the warmth of the window by turning the monochromatic building to B&W.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF 16mm Fisheye (first two images), AF-S 70-300mm VR and AF-S 14-24mm respectively on Lexar Digital Media