Goin’ PhotoWalk ‘About!


Scott Kelby’s Worldwide PhotoWalk is about to kick off (heck, it’s probably already happening in some countries)! Talk about an amazing response…the numbers went from 271 last year to a whopping 914 PhotoWalks around the world. That’s over 30,000 people all joining together in their respective cities to walk,,talk, socialize and photograph their city. How cool is that! I guess word is out that PhotoWalk is the place to be! And is it ever! I know that I am very excited to be leading another PhotoWalk this year. Last year we had a wonderful group of people who interacted with each other, sharing photo ideas and even a lens or two. I noticed several people had teamed up to help each other when flash or a diffuser was needed. In fact, there are several folks from last year who meet up to shoot together. After all, it’s so much more fun to share your passion with others. If you haven’t already signed up for a PhotoWalk check your local area to see if there is a PhotoWalk with space available near you. I guarantee that you will have a wonderful time! For those of you who are signed up somewhere in the world, be sure to visit the official PhotoWalk Blog hosted by my good friend and Scott Kelby’s very able assistant Brad Moore as well as the PhotoWalkPro blog hosted by the one and only Jeff Revell of serious PhotoWalk fame. Scott keeps adding new information on his blog too so check it all out and let’s go PhotoWalk ‘About!

Portland Pano

Portland pano from last year’s PhotoWalk