Foxes Part 2

We didn’t linger at the fox den on Monday for several reasons…I didn’t want to draw unwanted attention (both human and wild predators) to the den and I didn’t want the kits to become too habituated to my presence.  We were also out for a nice ride with friends and I know that we photographers can be very annoying to those who do not share our passion so I do try to be considerate.  Gosh, I was thrilled just having the photos and the memories from our brief encounter so, you can imagine my absolute joy when Frank graciously agreed to make a detour in our plans and return to the den for another short visit.

It was closer to midday when we arrived (not the best time of day both for light and the little ones) and even though the kits weren’t romping around, a couple of them poked their heads out to see who was there and quickly dropped back out of view.  I approached and sat down on a rock a short but safe distance away armed with my D4 and the new AF-S 80-400mm 4.5-5.6 VR with TC-14E II and waited.  One particularly curious/brave youngster came all the way out for a short photo session before heading back into the den for it’s nap…

_8XL3931 copy


_8XL3919 copy


_8XL3847 copy


_8XL3943 copy


I believe that mom was out hunting or taking a break from the young ones and they were keeping mostly out of sight.  I was glad to see this and didn’t linger any longer.  I wished the kits long and healthy lives and as my sweetie and I continued on with our day I thought to myself…”I am the luckiest girl in the world right now!”