Flight Of Fancy

While our niece and her husband were visiting we hit many of the local tourist spots concentrating on history when we could. It’s fun to put the tourist hat on and see your own home through fresh new eyes. Our route back from the coast took us right past the Evergreen Air Museum where the Spruce Goose has found a home. My assistant volunteers at the museum on Thursdays and was gracious enough to get us in as his guests with a VIP tour which included a visit to the cockpit of a DC3…


And a very special treat…a visit to the flight deck of the Spruce Goose. We got to sit in the same seat that Howard Hughes sat in when he flew the “Goose” that historic flight of one mile in one minute at an altitude of seventy feet.


Using available light I exposed for the interior of the plane and let the windshield blow out. I rather like the result as if the plane is flying into the great beyond with Howard aka Bernie at the controls.

It was a great opportunity to photograph the inside of the fuselage both front and rear…



Images captured with Nikon D3X, AF 16mm fisheye, AF-S 24-70mm on Lexar digital media