Fantastic Last Day In Florida

With one last day of shooting before heading back home we had many options of locations to choose from. Photographing the Osprey the day before had been so incredible that we opted to give it another go. The water was calmer but, the Osprey weren’t as active. However, there were still many opportunities. We discovered a nest that was cradled in the top of this Cypress that had recently leafed out in the beautiful greens of spring. Patience paid off and I was able to capture one of the Osprey with wings spread as it landed on the nest.


We also worked on flight shots.


After a great morning working the Osprey we headed back to the west coast and ended up at Fort DeSoto for an evening shoot. The Laughing Gulls and Royal Terns were in full mating behavior, calling and displaying to each other. The light was beautiful and I used the panning plate to get low for soft backgrounds…





It’s been an outstanding twelve days, first with a great group of folks on my Fort DeSoto Safari followed by a few days spent exploring new locations with good friends.

Images Captured With Nikon D3, AF-S 200-400mm VR (Osprey), AF-S 600mm VR, TC-17E (Gull Preening) on Lexar Digital Media