Extreme Yellowstone… Dog Days

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is much less snow in Yellowstone this year. In fact, there is less snow than I can remember in the last ten winters in Yellowstone. What has that done for the wildlife photography? The wildlife is free to roam greater distances without the hindrance of deep snow to plow through as they dig for food. It means that the wildlife has a better chance at surviving this winter as compared to last. How can anyone find fault with that? As for photography, it’s different. I have found and photographed subjects that have proven elusive to me in the past, I have had to work harder to find subjects. True, I have made less images than I have in previous winters but, I have filled my drives with wonderful images non-the-less.

The last two days we have worked several coyotes…

Nikon D3S, AF-S 500mm f4 VR, TC14-E II


Nikon D3S, AF-S 500mm f4 VR, TC14-E II


And, I have seen and photographed more foxes the last couple days than I had in several years combined…

Nikon D3S, AF-S 500mm f4 VR, TC17-E II


I have heard the same questions over and over this week…”Where is all the snow?” “Where are the critters?” It’s mother nature and we have no control over the weather or the locations of our subjects. Is Yellowstone a bad place to come this winter? NO! It’s different with new challenges and rewards and that is fine with me.

And, they are out there! I have many wonderful images in my drives that I have never made in the past. If it were easy we wouldn’t appreciate those magical moments of connection with wildlife that are presented to us. Snow and colder temps are in the prediction. I look forward to seeking out new images and challenges in the upcoming week. Stay tuned.