Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari…Samburu

With two full days for game drives in Samburu National Reserve we had plenty of opportunities to aim our lenses at some wonderful subjects.  Enjoy an assortment I selected from the thousands of images…


_1XL2996 copy



_2XL6728 copy



_1XL2780 copy


Pale Chanting Goshawk

_2XL9779 copy



Rufous-crowned Roller

_2XL8647 copy




_2XL9694- copy



Vervet Monkeys

_1XL4589 copy



_1XL4891 copy



_1XL4663 copy



Yellow-billed Hornbill

_2XL7004 copy



Bateleur Eagle

_1XL3360 copy



And, last but certainly not least… African Elephants who stole my heart

_1XL2411 copy



_1XL5200 copy



_1XL2484 copy



_2XL8247 copy



_1XL7030 copy



Across the Ewaso Ng’iro River at Buffalo Springs National Reserve we found Lions.  *Due to the hot, dry climate and all the sticker bushes, the male lions of the area do not have thick manes like their counterparts in other parts of Kenya

_2XL9814 copy



_2XL9836 copy


After a productive two days in Samburu we were off to our next stop at Lake Nakuru.  Stay tuned.