Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari…Samburu 2

Before departing Samburu, I did a final edit and have found additional images to share beginnig with more of my favorites, the Ellies

_1XL7121 copy



who, no matter which angle you view them from…

_1XL7045 copy



_1XL7199 copy



they are wonderful subjects!

_2XL8124 copy



Pale Chanting Goshawk with lunch

_2XL9294 copy


Agama Lizard (female)

_2XL7730 copy



Grey Heron

_2XL7998 copy



We visited a Samburu Village to learn more about their culture and photograph the wonderful people…

_1XL6194_tonemapped copy



the school aged children gathered with their teacher to recite the ABC’s and numbers for us…

_1XL5701_tonemapped copy



and “Mama” (the matriarch of the village who we were told was in her nineties) graciously posed for a few photos in front of her home…

_1XL6034_tonemapped copy



And then there was David, at camp; he was in charge of keeping the monkeys out of the dining area with his trusty slingshot and, he played the flute for us guests when not busy chasing monkeys…

_1XL4396 copy



After a short morning game drive we departed Samburu…

_1XL7288 copy



Next destination, Lake Nakuru.  Stay tuned.