Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari…Nakuru to the Mara

For those who prefer flying from camp to camp, this is what you would miss along the way…

A boat ride (on a Lake whose name I have forgotten) in search of the African Fish Eagle.  They were playing coy and staying out of reach but, we didn’t lack for great subjects.

Yellow-billed Stork

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It was kind of eery to know that at any moment a hippo could rise up from the depths for a breath surprising both those above and below water equally

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Fishermen set nets then “herded” fish into the nets catching them to sell to the boat operators as bait to lure in the African Fish Eagle

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and, as always, the ever so friendly children who waved at us as we passed through town after town on our road trip to the Masai Mara…

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It was a long and bumpy ride but, we loved every minute of it as we caught brief glimpses into the lives of the everyday Kenyan.  I for one felt honored that they acknowledged us in a very friendly fashion as we passed (however briefly) through their lives.  Masai Mara here we come.  Stay tuned.