Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari…Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is best known for the million + flamingos that are attracted to the algae that flourishes along the shores.  However, the last couple of years have brought on excessive rain and with it flooding which has shrunk the habitat for many of the wildlife that call Lake Nakuru home including the flamingos that may number in the hundreds at this time.  With that said, we had the most magical two mornings and a productive afternoon despite the afternoon thunderstorm.  The experiences were many and varied and so I’ll let the photos tell their own stories…

Cape Buffalo

_1XL7792 copy



Grant’s Zebra

_1XL7992 copy



I’ve always wanted a zebra fight sequence and was thrilled when one unfolded right before our lenses…

_1XL8229 copy



_1XL8228 copy



with the chase…

_1XL8033 copy



and pushing each other around…

_1XL8251 copy



We had a special treat with not just one rhino sighting…

_1XL8527 copy



but several…at…one time…

_1XL8854 copy



and a cooperative fella who stopped to strike a pose for us…

_1XL8545 copy



_2XL0826 copy



We couldn’t resist the Olive Baboons and they provided us several opportunities to capture their antics…

_1XL9091 copy



_1XL9839 copy



_1XL9882 copy



_1XL9678 copy



_2XL0049 copy



_2XL0092 copy



_1XL9476 copy



I feel that Lake Nakuru was so productive in our short time there that I will make two blog posts of the area and wildlife that abounds there.  Stay tuned.