Excellent Photo Adventures…Kenyan Safari…Lake Nakuru 2

With all the recent rain, Lake Nakuru was lush and green providing a lovely setting…


_1XL9913 copy



for the Rothschild Giraffe that call this magical place home…

_1XL9351 copy



It’s also home to some exquisite birds such as the Lilac-breasted Roller

_2XL1434 copy



The Secretarybird is quite an unusual charachter

_2XL1322 copy



We spent a very nice morning with an African Grey Crown Crane family

_2XL0562 copy



And as we made our way back to Lion Hill Lodge for the evening, we had one last treat with a pair of Verreaux’s Eagle Owls.  One flew off but, the other stuck around to pose for a few shots before joining it’s mate.

_2XL1715 copy


All too soon, our magical time at lake Nakuru drew to an end.  Next stop the Masai Mara!  Stay tuned.