Easy as 1,2,3… 09/15/2007


How to convey the sweeping vistas of the Great Lakes? Being from Oregon, I really connected with the enormity of the body of water in front of me. We had an outstanding sky this morning and I wanted to capture the vastness of the scene before me. I immediately thought…”Pano!” But, my tripod was in the car. So, I carefully lined up the horizon with one of my focus points, panned and clicked four frames and let the power of Photoshop take over from there. I simply did a straight process in CApture NX and saved the images as tiffs. Then I went to PhotoMerge in Photoshop, showed it where the images were and sat back and waited while Photoshop worked it’s magic. It really was a simple as 1, 2, 3… 1-Photomerge, 2-Color Cast Removal and 3- add a Polarizer with NIK Color Efex 2.0 and that’s it! Ya just gotta love Photoshop CS3. That feature alone is worth the upgrade…not to mention several other features that maybe, just maybe you will see in action this week. Stay tuned…

Images catured with Nikon D2Xs