DLWS Hawaii Day 3

A trip to Hawaii is not complete without a visit to the rainforest so, off we headed for Ho’opi’i Falls once again slipping and sliding our way down the trail through the forest to the stream and falls below.




At DLWS we always like to save the best for last and boy did Moose and Sharon give it their all to come up with a grand finale. We had a fire dancer meet us at the beach and perform for the group giving everyone a chance to photograph him.


We used flash combined with the light from his fire for some images where Joe, as usual, worked his magic with light.


And, I did a couple of shots with him illuminated with just fire.


And so, another great DLWS event comes to a close. We had our participants slideshow and said goodbye to our new friends. I’m already counting the days to our Outer Banks event.

Images cpatured with Nikon D3X, PC-E 24mm (forest), AF-S 24-70mm, AF-S 70-200mm (portrait of fire dancer) on Lexar Digital Media