DLWS Great Lakes Day Two

This mornings shoot subjects were a school and a barn. We headed to Solon School first thing to photograph the school at sunrise. We were rewarded with dark, dramatic skies. While Moose was giving a demo on using a PC lens I stood near him and photographed the school using my 24mm PC-E.


I really like the graphic simplicity of the front of the school so I stood dead center and lined up to shoot it then converted it to B&W infrared using NIK Color Efex Pro 3.0.


Our next stop of the morning was a great old weathered barn on the side of a country road. Once again, I went with the simple, graphic route moving in tight on details…


While we were photographing the barn a lovely woman came out of her house to collect the mail. I can imagine her surprise when she saw forty photographers lined up shooting her barn. She told us that the barn was that her father built the barn in 1907. She was also very gracious and posed for a quick portrait.


Images captured with Nikon D3X, PC-E 24mm, AF-S 70-300mm VR, AF-S 24-70mm, AF-S 200mm 2.0 VR (in order) on Lexar Digital Media