DLWS Great Lakes Day One PM

The afternoon found us back at Hartwick Pines State Park which I had been looking forward to as the first time we found a wonderful little chapel nestled in the woods which I had been unable to make an image of that I was happy with. However, while working the image, I figured out a shot I really wanted to make on our next visit. This afternoon the photo gods were smiling because not only did I make the image I had in mind, I was able to make the image that had not worked out the first time. We are not always so lucky to have a second chance at making the images we see so, this was a real treat to have a second opportunity at a wonderful subject….


This is the image I tried to make the first time around.


This second image is the one I saw within the first image and couldn’t wait to get a chance to make.

On the way to the little church there were many photo opportunities to stop and photograph the trees all dressed in their finest colors.


What a great start! I can hardly wait to see what images are waiting to be made tomorrow.

Images captures with Nikon D3X, AF-S 14-24mm #1, AF-S 24-70mm #2, PC-E 24mm #3 on Lexar Digital Media