DLWS Bozeman Day 3 PM

We always like to end DLWS with a grand finale of a shoot and boy did we produce with this one!  Moose’s son Jake found our last shooting location at an antique car junk yard.  He even found a couple of great models for the students to photograph, working on improving  their flash skills that Joe has been teaching this week.  Moose & Kevin worked another model with the group and I worked with students who were photographing the classic cars themselves.

I honestly can’t remember being this tired after the week with long, yet, very satisfying days.  The students and my DLWS family insprie me and keep me going and I think my images from the last night sum up my week.

Anything is possible when you reach for the skies and let your dreams take flight.

The front of this Chevy makes me smile…don’t forget to KEEP SMILING!

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 14-24mm on Lexar Digital Media.