Destination Cuba: North Winds & Waves On The Malecón

Our first days in Havana brought south winds and no waves on the Malecón…





On our arrival back in Havana coincided with a change in wind direction and a little squall which had the waves pounding against the sea wall along the Malecón…



The clouds also added to the drama as they played hide and seek with the sun…



And we played tag with the crashing waves as they would sometimes sneak up and drench us…



The water was warm but the air cooled us quickly.  The light and the waves kept us out shooting even though we were wet…



I even had B&W in mind with the dramatic clouds, the city scape and the waves…





Some people brought things to the water to offer sacrifices when the surf is high and the waves take the offerings out to sea…



It was a real treat to end our week with big waves on the Malecón.   Thanks to a group of real adventurers who put in the miles and went home with the images to show for their hard work!  I’m looking forward to a return in 2014.  Limit 5 nearly full!





  1. Rex Winterton (St. George) says:

    I’ve got a entirely different concept of Cuba now. I had no idea it was this beautiful. You’ve done a magnificent job in portraying your story.


  2. good job. havana has always been on my list of places to photograph. you’ve done justice to what i envision.
    someday . . .

  3. Nice images! Thanks for sharing.

    Back in 2012 you wrote that you went with the Nikon AF-S 28-300mm 3.5-5.6 VR. What did you take this time? Did you take the same equipment (yeah, D4 instead of the D3s)?

  4. Harald Jaegtnes says:

    Marvelous pictures again from Cuba. Although the B&W put a dramatic dimension to the water and sky, I really love the color pictures. Kind regards, Harald

  5. Awesome pics! Love the clouds and waves together !