Today, I Celebrate…

Every morning when Frank turns on the TV “Breaking News” is reporting a shooting, kidnapping, fire or some other disaster.  I open the newspaper and the headlines scream out about our government, taxes, healthcare, war in foreign countries and more.  I walk the streets and see more frowns of worry, fear and hatred than I see smiles of joy.

I take a walk in nature and I see beauty, I smell the mustiness of the earth, I hear the songs of birds, I feel the chill air of early morning, I touch the soft moss covered rocks, I taste the cleanness of nature and I am at peace with the world.

I ask myself… “How can I share this peace, this joy and this beauty that I am fortunate enough to experience on a regular basis?”  When I see a beautiful image I am uplifted.  When I read an inspring quote I am motivated.  When I see a smile my heart swells.

So, I am going to try to bring you a daily celebration of life through beautiful images and inspiring words…

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“Be in love with your life.
Every minute of it.”
-Jack Kerouac-


  1. Ray Smith says:

    Thank you Laurie for your site of peace and love.

  2. You are sounding like Dewitt Jones. Great stuff.

  3. Nature is a gift that many people do not often take the time to see, A few do, You are blessed to be one that truly appreciates the beauty and calming of what nature has for us, and then you generously share it with those who do not or cannot take the time. Thank you Laurie.

  4. So true we need more of what the world is really like not the Crimes etc that are reportedf only to sell papersa, ads atc

  5. Deb Uscilka says:

    I love your idea and will be looking forward to more images and thoughtful words to quell the darkness.

  6. Larry Gawne says:

    Could not agree more..and when there is something good it is ignored. Thanks for sharing the many places you have been and things you have seen.

  7. Nice. News has been so hard to live with , it is ceaseless bad and sad news. I will try to be like you and send the good word. :^) through beautiful, calming and happiness photos. Maybe we all can make life better collectively.

  8. Michael says:

    Thank you.

  9. I couldn’t agree with you more Laurie! Thank you so much for sharing!

    And how special that you have started your daily inspiration with a quote from the man that was born and raised in the town I live in, Lowell, MA. Lowell is known for its rough edges, but I have spent 3 years finding and photographing the gems in this city. There is beauty everywhere. You just have to stop long enough to really see!


  10. There`s nothing to add, Laurie.
    Love and trust is everything we all need.
    TV and newspapers have the same purpose always and everywhere.
    But we can turn them off quite easily.

    I like your beautiful images from Iceland.

    All the best,

  11. I love your blog and check in everyday. A Daily Celebration will be wonderful and will help to remind us that this world is not all that we read and watch in and on the news day in and day out. I look forward to your future posts and Thankyou for bringing a little bit of “happiness” and inspiration to our lives…..Jan.

  12. Great photo Laurie!!!!! ; )

    Great words too…..

  13. Dave Fulton says:

    All too easy to get bound up in the negatives, get out & find the positives & life’s hurdles can seem lower . Very proud of this took a lot of visits to the same place

  14. Joel E Tumarkin says:

    The world is viewed through a different lens when we see it as the beautiful planet we love.
    Thanks for the uplift…we need more of that type of insight in our daily lives
    Your contribution is so valuable as we humans continue to abuse our environment.
    Best wishes for your continuing contributions to all of us.

    • Thanks for your comments Joel. I agree that we all need to see more of the beauty in the world. It’s still there….really!