Today, I Celebrate…

Every morning when Frank turns on the TV “Breaking News” is reporting a shooting, kidnapping, fire or some other disaster.  I open the newspaper and the headlines scream out about our government, taxes, healthcare, war in foreign countries and more.  I walk the streets and see more frowns of worry, fear and hatred than I see smiles of joy.

I take a walk in nature and I see beauty, I smell the mustiness of the earth, I hear the songs of birds, I feel the chill air of early morning, I touch the soft moss covered rocks, I taste the cleanness of nature and I am at peace with the world.

I ask myself… “How can I share this peace, this joy and this beauty that I am fortunate enough to experience on a regular basis?”  When I see a beautiful image I am uplifted.  When I read an inspring quote I am motivated.  When I see a smile my heart swells.

So, I am going to try to bring you a daily celebration of life through beautiful images and inspiring words…

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“Be in love with your life.
Every minute of it.”
-Jack Kerouac-