Today, I Celebrate…

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What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

-Robert H Schuller-




  1. What a fabulous view that is! I was there a couple of weeks ago and posted a picture from almost exactly the same spot this morning too ( We got to the arch slightly too late to get this particular angle (too many other photographers already lined up 1 hour before sunrise!) so my composition isn’t as wide as I would have liked because the fisheye shot included many more tripod legs than I wanted to have to remove in Photoshop later :-)

    • Hi DAve,
      Thanks. You can’t tell by the photo that me and my 15 closest new friends are crowded into the arch. When I arrived I was dismayed to see so many photographers in tight but, I found a great spot and everyone was very cordial…as it should be! :)